“You cannot have a festival without a party!”, the old saying goes. And a birthday too! On November 11th, these two occasions combine – the opening of the ACT Independent Theater Festival 2017 “Realty at short notice” and the second birthday of “DNK – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance”! And we are ready to celebrate these events as it behooves – with rock’n’roll, drinks and dancing. The musical leaders of the party will be Ostava, undoubtedly one of the most important Bulgarian indie bands, and Jin Monic – fittingly carrying the flag of the contemporary alternative sound in Bulgaria. A loud, (con)temporary party with timely occasions and timeless music. Free theater, free music and… free entry!

Formed in 1991, Ostava is part of the dare-devils who has been paving the way of the alternative music in Bulgaria. To date, Ostava has 4 hit studio albums, hundreds of concerts and a reputation of a band you should watch at least twice a season (if not more). Among other things, Ostava is behind the Homeovoxmusic label, which produces the majority of the cool bands conquereing the local underground scene in the last couple of years.

Jin Monic, also part of the Homeovoxmusic label, daringly continues this mission. With inspiration in a broad spectrum of music (from bands like Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes to Joy Division, New Order, Gorillaz, Sex Pistols, and a bunch of other cult creators of rebellious sound), these guys quickly became in a name fills in clubs. Moving with the times, but not dependent on it, Jin Monic are a band that will ACTivate you!