Genre: Multimedia performance

Date and time: 17 November, 6 p.m.

Language: In Bulgarian with English subtitles

Place: Sfumato theatre workshop

Address:  2 Dimitar Grekov Str.

Duration: 50 minutes


Idea and concept: Lilia Geleva and Hristo Ushev

Actors: Lilia Geleva and Hristo Ushev

Videos: Lilia Geleva, Hristo Ushev, Georgi Dimitrov, Rashko Rakov, Roman Pesarov

Music: Lilia Geleva and Miroslav Stoynov

Voice (audio): Tihomira Temelkova and Algara Mihalkova

Technical realization: Lilo Petrov, Boyan Hristov, Yana Bobeva, Konstantin Angelov, Valentina Angelova, Snezhana Papazova, Boris Nenov, Hristo Petkov


Experimental project in documentary texts, authors’ videos and several stories by Etgar Keret. A research whose centre is the contemporary person. How should we be a better version of ourselves? What moves today’s man? Is it a matter of choice to be happy? Why, in the times of universal uncovering of happiness recipes, people are universally unhappy? Do we treat the symptoms instead of the reason? An attempt to explore the interconnection in all that Man is and all that he wants to be. The need to identify oneself, born out of the fear of “not being”. How much does it cost to be honest with oneself? And, if you succeed, does it help anyone?

Video trailer: