“Mothers of Steel”

Date and time: 17 November, 8 p.m.
Place: Centre for Culture and Debate “The Red House”

Genre: stand-up performance
Duration: 60 minutes


Concept and Performance: Madalina Dan, Agata Siniarska Dramaturgial Assistance: Mila Pavicevic, Siegmar Zacharias Sound and Video: Diego Agulló
Production: Art Stations Foundation

Coproduction: Konfrontacje Teatralne (Lublin)



Is the East still running after the West? And what does East mean? Let us put the concepts and names in motion and make this crisis move. Our process focuses on national and gender identity, on affects (with an emphasis on crying, as physical, emotional and political action). We started the work from our mothers and their bio political contexts, evolving towards an understanding of micro realities in relation with macro structures, how systems of government and state policy shape individual lives.

Organization: Art Stations Foundation
“Mothers of Steel” is carried out with the support of Polish Institute.

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