“Human Faces”

Genre: Stage action /simulmorte/

Date and time:  15 November, 5 p.m.

Language: In Bulgarian with English subtitles

Place:  Atelier VIA NEGATIVA”

Address:  62 Iskar Str.

Duration: 75 minutes


Valeriy Parlikov – director, VJ

Aneta Yankova Parlikova – actress

Yavor Kostov –actor



Included texts from Jean-Claude Carrière “The Usual Method”, Hristo Hristov “Secret Case for the Camps” and Yordan Ruskov “Flowers of Evil. Around the State Security’s Herbarium”.

The legacy of the “Socialist Era” is currently undergoing a process of deformation in marketing strategies for product sales, counting on the all-forgiving communal nostalgia for the better past which erases each intimate pain. “HUMAN FACES” is composed as an interrogation in the State Security and is a demonstration of a psychodramatic cathartic model, as well as an existing “borderline situation” of fighting. In the conditions of an unconstructed stage form, explicating their creative spontaneity, the actors coordinate their actions with the random situation of the viewers in the hall. The elements of surprise aim at an utter baring of the psychic programmes of the participants and define the uniqueness of the meeting.



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