“Compositions Of The Moment”

Genre: Performative research on principles of unity between arts

Date and time: 15 November, 6, 45 p.m.

Place:  French Institute Bulgaria

Address:  Sofia, “Petko R. Slaveykov”, 3

Duration: 70 minutes


Irina Goleva – author of the concept and participant

Ognyan Golev – actor and participant

Hristina Beleva– musician and participant

Alexander Deyanov– Skiller – musician and participant

Velika Prahova– painter and participant

Nikolay Zlatanov  – painter and participant

Maya Goleva – participant



“Composition of the moment” explores the creation of a stage structure using performance, making music and painting and their interconnection on stage as equal, spontaneous arts. The artists search for a balance in which neither of the arts is dominant. To achieve intensive stage presence, the creative team aims to discover how “presence” is reached and to discriminate the mechanical movements from the conscious presence which creates structure in the moment. I am present – I act – I compose – I integrate.

An exploration that includes the audience both as a witness and a participant in the composing.


Organization:Based on Actual Events”

Website: www.pds-org.blogspot.bg