Date: 15th of November 2016

Time: 10.30 a.m. – 14.30 p.m

Working language: English

Place: Institut Francais, Sofia

Addres: “Slaveikov sq.” 3

Moderator: Stephan A. Shtereff  & Vesselin Dimov

Presenters:  Yves Jourdan / Lieu Unique, Nantes, France

                      Mojca Jug / Stara Elekrarna, Ljubljana, Slovenia

                      Bettina Sluzalek / Radialsystem, Berlin, Germany

                      Aleksandar Velinovski / Javna soba, Skopje, Macedonia

                      Aleksandar Gubas / Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia

The theatrical reform in Bulgaria from 2011 made the cooperation between the independent artists/organisations with the institutional venues almost impossible. This brought about the even bigger need and urgency to open venues for the independent artistic scene. Since 2014

ACT Association together with other independent organisations started a working process with Municipality of Sofia about the creation of a new art centre – the “Toplocentrala” project and about the remodelling of the already existing municipal cultural centre ”Sredetz”.

Now, in the end of 2016, the working process is in an advanced stage.

The aim of this working group is to hear and see the short presentations of five centres in Europe and the Balkan region, to meet, to talk, to receive the experience of colleagues of ours who have already created, develop and sustain such centres.

The focus of the meeting are the concrete management topics – organisation of  working team, different functions in the team, financial model, budgeting, programming, communication with artists, audiences,  media, society.

Welcome to this working session to get informed better, to ask all your questions, to learn from the successes and failures of others, to discuss together, to prepare for the future.