“Dream Inside the Dream – concert – labyrinth for a sleeping orchestra”

Genre: Interactive sensual performance – concert

Date and time:  15 November, 8:30 p.m.

Place:  Vertigo Tower

Address 109 Bulgaria Sq.

Duration: 70 minutes


Zlatina Toleva – manager project, producer

Mihail Dimov – artistic director and musician

Stilyana Krasteva – conductor-dancer

Konstantin Kuchev – musician

Diana Antonova – musician

Momchil Momchilov – musician



“Dream Inside the Dream – concert – labyrinth for a sleeping orchestra” is an interactive performance, realized in the meeting of the spontaneous live trance music by means of the sensory theatre. What would happen if an orchestra of musical night walkers performs a concert for an audience on the verge of falling asleep> Where would the research of the subconscious take us, when it is in deep rest and at the same time (here and now) is completely awake and creatively active? “Dream inside the Dream” is about to enter a greater depth of the dimension beyond words, where the spontaneous music draws ephemeral soundscapes in an extraordinary proximity with the great Silence… Dress yourselves in silence, silencenauts. Let’s go!


Organization: Sensory Theatre Sofia

Website: www.sensorytheatresofia.com