Avis d’audition

Genre: performance / audition

Date and time:  14 November, 7 p.m.

Working language: English

Place:  “DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance

Адрес: 1 Bulgaria Sq. (against the fountains in the NDK subway)

Duration: 3 hours


Annie Vigier

Franck Apertet

Karin Mihatsch (Production Manager)


Synopsis: Avis d’audition is a programmed audition presented as a performance. The situation of an audition is put on stage and therefore accessible for the public as “stage piece” and thus deals with the dancers’ daily work reality.
The spectators attend the entire audition process and are involved in the different stages. The dancers who are eliminated must either leave the space or join the spectators in the stands.

A part of the fee paid by the festival for the project is divided up as a minimum wage for all dancers who pass the first selection stage. The dancers selected join the company les gens d’Uterpan.


More information about: www.lesgensduterpan.com/proj_avisdaudition.html

Organization: Les gens d’Uterpan

Website: http://www.lesgensduterpan.com/


“Avis d’audition” is carried out with the support of Institut français.