“Dissonance for two Artists”

Genre: Text-based dance and object theatre

Date and time:  13 November, 20:00

Language: In Bulgarian with English subtitles

Place: Centre for Culture and Debate “The Red House”

Address:  15 Lyuben Karavelov Str.

Duration: 55 minutes


Director: Vassilena Radeva

Stage designer: Radostina Todorova
Music: Emilian Gatsov – Elby
Production Manager: Rozalina Laskova and Jar-Jar
Choreography consultant: Petya Mukova
Photography: Zdravko Yonchev
With: Bogdana Kotareva and Nathan Cooper



One foreigner is trying to express himself on a foreign language in front of an unfamiliar audience. One mysterious woman is “walking on his nerves”. The characters of this play written by the artists themselves are in search of “Who am I?” and “What makes the world move? Their actions are leading / or stopped / by feelings of guilt, loss, panic. “Dissonance for two artists” is unveiling like a performance of confidentiality. It is a mixture of fragments from dreams, child memories and artistic obsessions. The debut of “Panic Button Theatre” – new theatre company created by the Bulgarian director Vasilena Radeva and NathanCooper – based in Bulgaria American actor.

Video trailer:

Website:  www.panicbuttontheatre.wordpress.com

Organization: Panic Button Theater