Date: 18 October, 19:30; 19:50; 20:10; 20:30

Duration: 10 min.

Location: Theatre-Laboratory Sfumato, Underground Hall

Address: 2 Dimitar Grekov Str.

Capacity: 15 (4 groups x 15 spectators)



In this performance, means of expression of the body are minimized. In focus is the “anonymous” part – the human back and its potential to create fantastic images. A spine and a medial pivot structure, its potential for flexion, extension, contraction and rotation. A single part, the back, is a particular choreographic language, creating a journey, investigating its own deformation, and turning into an unusual visual experience.

The project is the result of a successful collaboration between the dancers Stanislav Gendiev and Violeta Vitanova, and the artist Venelin Shurelov. Stanislav and Violeta graduated from the National Dance School in Sofia, after which they both danced for the Swiss dance company Linga. Since 2007 they have been part of the KINESTETIC PROJECT, Bulgaria.

Theatre and performance play a major role in the creative repertoire of Venelin Shurelov, which also includes drawings, interactive installations, digital technologies, videos and art theory. His works explore the transitional states of the human body, by focusing on marginalization.



Concept: Violeta Vitanova, Stanislav Genadiev and Venelin Shurelov

Performer: Violeta Vitannova

Visuals: Venelin Shurelov

Technical realization: Borislav Tonev (Baki)

Video: Dilyan Bakalsky

Sound Design: Stanislav Genadiev