Date: 18 October, 21:00

Duration: 50 min.

Location: Derida Dance Center

Address: 245 Blvd. Slivnitsa, 4th floor

Capacity: 60

For reservations:


The title, Mayday, is a word internationally recognized as a call for help in an emergency. The performance is a detective’s magnifying glass through which the observers will see the bulging shapes of communicative chaos in a dynamic, competitive environment. The development of technologies helps us exchange information. In this multimedia performance, the exchange of messages is incessant, and yet protagonists struggle to survive as their cries for help are lost in the general noise of social media..

Jivko graduated as an actor and later completed a degree in dance theater at NATFA.  His drive towards contemporary performing arts took him to Melbourne, Australia where he specialized in Choreography at the Victorian College of Arts.
Jivko Jeliazkov is the only European choreographer invited to lead a workshop at the Korean Dance Festival 2012.
Jivko Jeliazkov is a chairman of the Contemporary Performing Arts Guild to the Union of Bulgarian Actors.


Concept and Choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov

Performers: Philip Milanov, Petya Mukova, Milena Videnova

Stage design: Arh. Ralitza Zorteva

Multimedia: Polina Stoyanova (JO IYAA)

Music: Ivan Shopov (COOH / BALKANSKY)

Tutor: Maria Gezenchova

Production Manager: Atanas Maev