Date: 18 October, 18:15

Duration: 105 min.

Location: OKI Sredetz

Address: 2A Krakra Str.

Capacity: 40



The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds, by Paul Zindel, is a story about a mother, her two daughters, a dying old woman and a rabbit. They all live together in a room of wood which was once a vegetable store and what separates them from our world is just a window covered with newspapers, so easy to be torn off.

The director Mariy Rosen, the stage designer Petya Boyukova and the composer Konstantin Timoshenko form a team that has created many independent theatre and musical projects. This performance is their third endeavor in a row to make theatre in a “real environment”; in spaces and sites that correspond directly to the suggested environment of the play. The other members of the crew belong to different generations and have very different backgrounds.


Director: Mariy Rosen

Stage designer: Petya Boyukova

Composer: Konstantin Timoshenko

Interactive installation: Albena Baeva

Assistant stage designer: Mirela Terziyska

Performers: Ani Vulchanova, Iva Valkova, Petya Deneva, Nely Monedzikova, Iskren Petkov