Date: 17 October, 18:30 and 20h.

Duration: 60 min.

Location: Bulgaria mall

Address: 69 Bulgaria Blvd.

Capacity: 50

Performance trailer



“Real power begins where secrecy begins.” Hannah Arendt

Our lives are controlled. Large amounts of data are collected every day, through mobile phones, credit cards, e-mails, by people we do not know personally, but who we know exist: the secret service. Artists from Informbureau and LIGNA ask, do we have to organize new secret societies, as in the past, in order to escape this monopoly on control?

Secret Radio invites the audience to become secret agents in one of the most controlled and yet transparent spaces, the prototypes of future public space: the shopping mall. Audience members are led on their own personal mission through the mall, meeting other agents, trying out techniques to conceal their activities, and questioning the power structure of our society. How would a state, a society, function without a secret service? Multiply secret techniques!


Production: Informbureau, LIGNA and Goethe Institut

Concept: Stephan A. Shtereff & LIGNA

Text: Ole Frahm, Torsten Michaelsen, Michael Hueners

Soundscape: Emilian Gatsov-Elby

Special participation: Jasmina Zaloznik

In Associated partnership with Spitfire company, Bezhlavi o.s. Czech Republic

In collaboration with Life Long Burning, Nomad Dance Academy, Station service for contemporary dance, Belgrade

Supported by: EU Culture Programme, Goethe Institut in Bulgaria, Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, Bulgaria Mall