Date: 17 October, 20:00

Duration: 90 min.

Location: The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate

Address: 15 Ljuben Karavelov Str.

Capacity: 50



The Invisibles #3: Home is the third part of the verbatim trilogy “The Invisibles”, presenting stories of marginalized people, collected by the artistic ensemble on the streets of Sofia. The Invisibles #3: Home conveys the personal stories of homeless people, shared during the winter, when their lives are most difficult and insecure.

VOX POPULI is a meeting platform of different disciplines – their documentary theatre is a hybrid of theatre, journalism and sociology. VOX POPULI acts as a “connecting element” between people from different social groups, professions, backgrounds and identities who wouldn’t otherwise get involved in spontaneous professional or personal dialogue.



Director: Neda Sokolovska

Stage environment: Denitsa Argiropulosbanitza cut DSC_1543

Performers: Todor Bliznakov, Madlen Cholakova, Bogdan Kazandjiev, Plamena Pencheva, Petko Kamenov

Poetry and presence:  Boris Pareshkevov

Assistant: Zoya Shopova