mono drama

Date: 17 October, 18:30

Duration: 35 min.

Location: Atelie Plastelin, performance in a basement

Address: 48 Tzar Simeon Str.

Capacity: 15



This is an enigmatic 1000 word story written in the 60s, “distilled” by Beckett after a number of preceding attempts. Author and character, black and white, hot and cold, man and woman -endless and infinitely small – oppose each other and mingle in a both despairing and elevating vision.

Yanko Velkov-Yanetza and Yavor Kostov are part of the team of Atelie PLASTELIN – a small and cosy venue for independent contemporary art near the centre of Sofia. Imagination dead imagine together with Stirrings still form their double bill production “Beckett x2 in Plastelin”.


Director: Yanko Velkov-Yanetza

Actor and translation: Yavor Kostov

Stage designer:  Sonya Despotova