Date: 16 October, 19:30

Duration: 50 min.

Location: The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate

Address: 15 Ljuben Karavelov Str.

Google address:

Capacity: 50 seats



In a space with some lights on two performers are exploring the thin line between movement and inability to move, between breathing and not breathing, between silence and sound, between darkness and light. Presence and being become palpable, making encounters possible on that thin line.

The Mighty Mighty Pressure Cooker, an organization for pressure-driven contemporary performing arts, sees theatre as a meeting point for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of the creator, as well as the observer. The company’s performance work deals with providing form and content as a safe place for these encounters to happen.

The Mighty Mighty Pressure Cooker has existed since 2011 and is an active member of the independent performing arts scene in Bulgaria.


Co-author and director: Ida Daniel

Co-author and performer: Marieta Petrova

Co-author and performer: Alexander Mitrev

Co-author, kinekt programming and lights: Todor Stoyanov