Date: 16 October, 19:30

Duration: 100 min.

Location: Atelie VIA NEGATIVA, performance in a basement

Address: 62 Iskar Str.

Capacity: 12 seats


Using the story of a relationship, formally legitimized through a secular ritual, but impossible as a physical union, and going through different layers of interpretation, the action of “Dzhan” investigates “impossible love, departed from its human aspect”. The characters, going through a “revolutionary” social act of transformation, have lost their memory of the polis and with it the mysterious acceptance – deeply rooted and perpetuated by the generations – of the physical bond as a divine descent. Inside the individual spirit various bumpy “kin passions” have soaked in.

In 2010 KERIGMA FOUNDATION initiated a continuous research project “Atelie VIA NEGATIVA”. The experiments are aimed at obtaining a sense-image equivalent of the processes in the psyche. What makes this methodology unique, while remaining within the field of theatre anthropology, is the use of experiences undergone in a state of “shifted mind


Director and VJ: Valeriy Parlikov

With: Aneta Yankova-Parlikova, Nikolay Chilov, Yavor Kostov