Date: 16 October, 20:30

Duration: 60 min.

Location: Institut Francais, Sofia

Address: 3 Slaveikov Sqr.

Capacity: 100


LEXIC-ON is created on the basis of nine improvised music and body-movement miniatures. Each stands for a word with a personalized meaning. Thus three layers are built and the structure of the performance resembles the “haiku” genre, aiming at the purity, the completion and the emptiness of a musical note. LEXIC-ON translates the happening of dance, sound and language into a personal interpretation. Not the expression of something, but its existence.

The Association for Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture, BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS, was created in Sofia by the actors and life partners Irina Goleva and Ognyan Golev. They create devised theatre pieces, mixing text, contemporary dance, live music and improvisation. Three of their performances have been awarded the prestigious national Icarus award, the last of which was for “Lexic-On” in 2014, for best contemporary dance-performance.


Author and director: Irina Goleva

Performers: Denitza Dikova, Aleksander Daniel

Supervisor: Ognyan Golev