Date: 16 October, 20:00

Duration: 80 min.

Location:  NBU, University Theatre

Address: Ovcha Kupel, 21, Montevideo Str.

Capacity: 100


Customs has been a work in progress continuously for more than 20 years.  It is a module for research and training as part of the educational program in the Theatre department at the New Bulgarian University. Every two years a new team is formed to participate in the show. This team consists of graduate students. Customs is based on structural transformation of the ancient Bulgarian ritual dances and ritual behavior models. Each group carries out its own research and development of the themes of the performance, which contributes to the language and format of the final product. The performance that we offer to your attention had its premiere on December 19, 2011.

The Theatre Department of NBU was founded 20 years ago as an alternative form of Theatre Education. Major emphasis in the educational program is put on interdisciplinarity and research. Students choose individual modules and courses, and they can also create an individual training program.


Director:  Vazkresia Viharova

Architect: Zarko Uzunov

Performers: Asya Ivanova, Dobriela Popova, Vasilia Drebova, Stoyka Stefanova, Reneta Ivnova, Zlatina Nikiforova and Martina Apostolova

Sound: Boyan Panov and Martin Ljutzkanov

Light Design: Georgi Batilov

Administration: Martin Stoyanov