a performance based on the play of Yury Klavdiev (Russia)
Replica Association (Sofia ) and Joseph Beuys Theatre (Moscow )

where: Red House

Translation: Teodora Bumbarova
Director: Georg Genoux (Germany)
Set Design: Xenia Peretruhina (Russia) in collaboration with James Kazhdan (Russia);

The play was written based on interviews with people living with HIV. They were made in collaboration with the charity foundation Crisis Centre for Social and Psychological Assistance 69th Parallel (Norilsk, Russia) and was carried out with the support of the Institute for Cultural Policy (Moscow ) and Teatr.doc (Moscow ). Norilsk, the city where the action takes place, is the second largest city in the world that is located beyond the Arctic Circle. One of the coldest, most polluted cities in the world. HIV infection rate there comes to 7 out of 10 girls and boys. They, like us, want to live. AIDS is a strange disease. We would rather call it not a disease, but a phenomenon. How else can one explain the fact that at first it does not alter the physiology but the mindset of people. Zapolyarnaya Pravda (“Righteousness beyond the Polar Circle”) is a play about the limits of God, truth, the moment of self-awareness as a person. And about the great gift, such as the HIV virus can be for many. Believe me, it is. I myself am surprised.