a theatre installation on quantum physics

Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture Organization 36 Monkeys
The show will take us into the once Macedonia cinema. Between its bare brick walls spacetime will be explored through an original artistic interpretation of the scientific understanding of the concept of time. A performance in which everyone present changes the course of the show, moving between the objects of the installation. Among them the audience is likely to meet two quarks. They can be identified by their coloured helmets, but their presence will be revealed on air by the presenter of the radio interview and his guest physicist.

Cast: Angelina Gavrilova, Peter Meltev, Ivaylo Milenkov and Nathan Cooper.
Idea and direction: Gergana Dimitrova
Concept: Gergana Dimitrova and Ivaylo Milenkov (physicist)
Set design, costumes and objects: Elena Shopova
Assistant Director: Lora Karavelova
Video: Nicola Nalbantov
Music: Ivaylo Milenkov
PR: Cultural Foundation  A25
coordination: Katrin Hrusanova