Interactive theatre performance of the Replica Association based on motifs from the play of the most popular young Polish dramaturge Dorota Maslowska

where: Red house

Director: Georg Genoux
Visual Artist: Lily Dzhagarova

Cast: Ivaylo Dragiev, Irina Andreeva, Blagoy Boychev, Boryana Peneva, Ina Dobreva and Milko Jovchev
Only if you show your wounds, can they be cured! If you hide them, no one can heal them!

(Joseph Beuys)
This motif was leading in our work on the play. It was the creation of the healing processes that was the main goal of our rehearsals.
The content of the play:  a man and woman – two poor Romanians who speak Polish  – intoxicated with drugs, wearing old and dirty clothes, completely unpredictably travel through the Polish countryside. At a gas station they become abductors of a car whose driver feared for his life. The woman (who looks pregnant) shocks the driver with a very revealing story about her sex life, while the man threatened him with murder. … This is how our two desperate characters wander around the countryside – between delirium and painful insights – looking for a way back to Warsaw. The man there must be there at eight sharp on the next morning because he is shooting a popular Polish television series, in which he plays the main role. They all realize that the “normal” people they meet on their way, are no less crazy and devastated than them themselves. This is a social drama, a horror movie and a scary nightmare with freezing awakenings. Through the sharp conflict-driven dialogues in the play the complex game with the dark side of the human soul and people’s clichés, the author masterfully maintains the balance between comedy and horror