by ATOM Theatre

where: Youth Theatre, bul. Dondukov 8

The main stake in the project the CHAIR is the intensive research process of the actors on the topic of chairs. The Chair is seen not simply as an utilitarian object, but as a mirror of personality with its passions and desires. The project is divided into three main parts. The first is the one that connects the Chair with its origins in mythology. The second is examining the Chair as a symbol of political and sovereign power, and the third one in which the Chair is a projection of individuality and personality nowadays. The selection of the Chair as the central object in the staging process is designed to get viewers out of their everyday perception of the chair just as just an object. The new projection of this hyper-used piece of furniture with newfound expressiveness and own soul is the building block of the perfromance.

Authors and actors: Stefan Georgiev, Hristo Takov, Kamen Marin, Vera Molova
Music: Ensemble Contraste
Soundtrack: Christo Takov
Directed by Laurent Festas
Photographer: Ivan Donchev