©phelia barouh

Dance performance of Galina Borisova

where : Red House for culture and debate

In my school years I played a variety of roles and participated in performances of the Sofia National Opera. I have played queen, soldiers, fruits and vegetables, even a tree. Come to think of it, this is a great experience. Back then, and still now I find all these interpretations unnecessary burdened with emotions and drama, but I regard this experience of mine as an opportunity to interpret some historical masterpieces. All female characters are inspired by real opera heroines, but they have no credibility whatsoever. Thus I freed the choreography from the excessive burden of the complex characters and dramatic libretti, leaving only the essentials. Hopefully.

Idea and structural composition: Galina Borisova
Set design: Adriana Andreeva
Sound, light and music intervention: Todor Stoyanov
Interviews/translation: Angelina Georgieva
Rehearsal: Elizabeth Grueva
Lighting: Rossen Mihailov