(Artist and Director of the Association “Informbureau”; Co-founder of Antistatic International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance; European Theaters’ Night; Nomad Dance Academy Bulgaria; Association “Toplocentrala”)

Who is Stefan A. Shterev in the con/temporary reality?

Away from Soviet and close to Con/scious person. Artist, healer of stiff understandings and counter-revolutionary of habits…

What is your motivation to join the ACT Festival 2017 jury?

I accept it with great responsibility and respect for my colleagues. I am motivated to bring to focus the most significant achievements of the independent scene from the past and current season.

Which is the ACTive element in your selection principle?

The fantastic moment of something standing out with its own signature or with a long tradition that has become a standard.

What is the art reality in Bulgaria – temporary or contemporary?

It depends on where we put the other signifiers – “institutional”, “theatrical”, “commercial”, “independent”, “subsidized”, “opera”… The reality is not a unit of measurement for consent. In the world of art this is no exception.