(Executive Director of ACT Festival of Independent Theatre; Chairman of ACT Association; Representative of Foundation “For Oborishte” and Co-founder of Association “Toplocentrala”)

Who is Kathrin Hrusanova in the con/temporary reality?

Kathrin is a cultural ACTivist by vocation, stubborn of traditional penchant. She promotes positivism with an American flavor, surrealism with purpose and direction and European naturalism in all its marvelous imperfection.

What is your motivation to join the ACT Festival 2017 jury?

I gladly embraced the idea of participating in the selection of the Bulgarian program because I think it is important for the host to welcome properly their guests and to take responsibility for the results of the shared interactions. At the same time, I see that again in 2017 it is absolutely required to invest efforts in the independent Bulgarian performing scene visibility, its presentation and reaching out to new audiences, both at local and international level.

Which is the ACTive element in your selection principle?

For me, it is important to make choices tailored to the event audience and the Festival’s objectives, but as an ACTive ingredient I choose the element of the provocation – to surprise, to trigger an unexpected response or a strong emotion. The Festival’s events are a celebration of the extraordinary, they have the freedom to offer results going beyond the frames and invading the mind.

What is the art reality in Bulgaria – temporary or contemporary?

By putting the contemporary performing art under the spotlight using a project basis, I would say it is on time.