(Professor of Modern Times Philosophy and Contemporary Philosophy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”; Co-participant in various forms of contemporary dance and theater; Co-author of “Regardless of the Rhythm” Project)

Who is Vassil Vidinski in the con/temporary reality?

I am interested in three areas and their relationships: art, philosophy, science.

What is your motivation to join the ACT Festival 2017 jury?

My first motive is that I am attracted to “independence and freedom in art” – from the local uneven scene, the workshops, the cellars and the theater laboratories. In fact, all these are well-known and widely used clichés, however I would like to see how they reconsidered and transformed by the artists today. The second motive is research oriented and is related to the understanding and the awareness of “what is happening today?”.

Which is the ACTive element in your selection principle?

I think it is not one, but rather it is related to the skillful synthesis of many elements into something whole. I expect to see different approaches for transforming the familiar into extraordinary and I believe the processing, remodeling of the local context is essential.

What is the art reality in Bulgaria – temporary or contemporary?

It’s temporary. And that’s the basis. But the reality can be built on something sustainable: divergent tendencies, creating new roads, and so on. I am convinced that this happens only in a communion; and thus the temporary can become truly contemporary.