АСТ Independent Theater Festival 2
14 – 18 November, 2012, Sofia

The festival is organized by the ACT Association for Independent Theatre in cooperation with Art Office Foundation and with the financial support of the Sofia Municipality’s Culture Programme, the Ministry of Culture and the U.S. Embassy.

The success of the first edition of the festival, held from 16 to 20 November 2011, inspired us to get down to the organization of this festival for the second time. This is because of the interest, the active involvement of participants, the provocation for further discussion in the community on issues of contemporary theatre as well as the recognition by the wider public.

In the second edition of the festival we will present 16 productions, many of which premiering in 2012, plus an accompanying educational programme of lectures, discussions, workshops, to be attended also by 18 international managers from Europe and America (part of IETM Brussels, EEPAP (Poland) and CITD (USA)).

ACT Festival for Independent Theatre 2 will be held from 14th to 18th November, 2012 at various locations in Sofia – the Red House Centre for Culture and Debate; Sfumato Theatre; Plastelin Studio; the Library Club in Iskar Street, the Sofia Puppet Theatre, Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art (SAMCA), Studio Suspacious, the city’s central Mineral Baths, Studio 5 of the National Palace of Culture.  The festival is also supported with spaces by the Czech Cultural Institute, Goethe Institut Sofia, Derrida Dance Centre, K.E.V.A. club and the American Corner.

The aim of the Association for Independent Theatre (ACT) is to establish an annual festival, contributing to the stabilization and activation of the creative environment that attracts new practitioners as well as develops new independent spaces for theatre and creates new audiences.


Festival Organisers:
Executive Director: Julia Dencheva 
International Guests Co-ordinator: Kalina Wagenstein 
Workshops Coordinator: Albena Tagareva 
Stage Events Co-ordinators: Zdrava Kamenova & Vasilena Radeva
Public and Media Relations: Elena Peneva 
Workshops, Lektures, Discussions: Angelina Georgieva (New Dramaturgies), Galina Borissova, Alexander Manuiloff & Svetozar Georgiev

Creative team:
Ideas & Creative: Ida Daniel, Svetozar Georgiev
Design: Maria Minkova
Translation: Alexander Manuiloff

Produced by ACT Association


ACT Independent Theatre Festival is realised by ACT Association for Independent Theatre with the financial support of the Sofia Municipality Program “Culture”, Ministry of Culture and National Culture Fund and Kulture Fund

Supported by: Art Office Foundation, New Dramaturgyes Platform

International Partners: Drama League, IETM International Contemporary Performing Arts Network, EEPAP, CITD

Media Partners: Bulgarian National Television, JazzFM Radio, Edno Magazine, VICE Magazine, www.stand.bg, www.sofialive.bg, www.Timeart.bg, HighViewArt, Dnes.bg, 8 Magazine

Creative Partners: Maria, Ida and Svetlio

Suported by the festival venues: “Sfumato” Theatre Workshop, Center for Culture and Debate “ Red House”, ”Suspacious” Studio, Plastelin Studio, Chitalishte, Iskar Str., Sofia Puppet Theatre, SAMSI, Central Mineral Bath, Studio 5 (NDK), Czech Cultural INstitute, Geothe Institute Sofia, KEBA, Derida Dance Center and American Corner.